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Club meet in Norway
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Hi Konrad,all
Sorry for late reply, but July was just crazy at work. Here are a few more "close ups" of my car

The story of the car as told by the fellow I bought it from, is that it started out as an embassy car in Paris, France. Then in early eighties, a tourist from upstate New York fell in love with it and brought it to the States. He owned it until he died, and it was sold by his widow. The guy that bought it then, serviced it and sold it on to me, late 2005. Technically it is in great condition, it smokes the tyres like they are for free, but paint and rubber needs some attention. Not too much of the rusty stuff either. So it has been across the Atlantic twice.

Currently I live in the UK, but the car is in Norway. I am collecting it and bringing it here in October. As you may know, Norway is a very expensive country, both fuel prices and garage prices. An hour of a mechanics time is getting close to $200, so one quickly learns how to do a lot of the repair/maintenance work oneself. We also have snow for a good six months, so the "season" is the few summer months. But with beutiful nature, every Sunday drive is a real pleasure and well worth it in a M-100 car. Norwegians; being fairly rich on the average (everyone apart from me), and with a big interest in classic cars, there is always a show or a meet going on, and the standard and condition of the cars are just impressive. And in the smallest villages or fishing towns, you come across really rare cars. So if a pint of beer at about $14 do not scare you completely, it is well worth a visit.

All the best

Look at that first photo !!!!!!!!!! That Atlantic Road bridge. What an engineering masterpiece. Thtat bridge system is a true classic.
Can you do an article on the Meet for the Lode Star. Send the text in Word format plus the pictures in full resolution to either me or Reed. Doesn't need to be too long or complicated.
Welcome Ivarj,

apart from the cars I like the route the street takes very much. Looks almost unreal.

Would you tell us a little about you and your car? What is it like to run a M-100 car in Norway?

Beste Gruesse



ich wäre dann soweit...
The Mercedes Club of Norway had their annual meet on the 13th and 14th of June in Molde, Norway. I attended with my 6.9 - there were about 120 vehicles, but only 2 M-100 cars, one 1969 6.3 and my 1976 6.9 Saturday's "Rally" took in amongst other things "The Atlantic Road" or Atlanterhavsveien as the Norwegians call it.

The Blue one is mine.

Some 108 cars

2 M-100 cars

The weather was lovely and it was a great week-end.

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