The 6.9 litre engine.

This powerful engine blends advanced technology with the precision of unhurried hand craftsmanship. Every 6.9 engine is individually tested for 265 minutes, 40 of which are at full load.

In design, it is a quantum leap forward from all engines that have come before. Witness, overhead camshaft design with hydraulic valve clearance compensation to reduce maintenance and quiet its operation. Dry sump lubrication is used to deliver a constant supply of oil even under extreme conditions. And a C.I.S. third generation fuel injection system combines reliability with precise control of the air-fuel mixture in response to ambient and operating conditions.

V-type, 8 cylinder, 6.9 litre overhead cam engine with C.I.S. fuel injection. The high torque output of the 6.9 engine makes it possible to use a more direct rear axle ratio without sacrificing performance. The result is an extraordinary level of quiet and a lack of vibration due to the relatively low rpms, even at highway cruising speeds.

2. Hydraulic valve clearance compensation in the 6.9 engine eliminates the need for periodic valve clearance adjustment and further reduces engine noise. 3. Dry sump lubrication, originally developed for racing cars, prevents "windage", a condition which occurs under extreme operating conditions and results in airborne oil hitting the revolving crankshaft, causing a loss of power and creating a foaming of the oil that quickens engine wear.

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