Instrument cluster, tachometer, speedometer
nstrument cluster, tachometer, speedometer
Instrument cluster, tachometer, speedometer
1 Cooling water temperature gauge,
red line: max. permissible temperature
9 Brake control light, red
2 Fuel gauge 10 Fuel reserve warning light, orange
Spare fuel for approx. 22-25 miles (35-40 km)
3 Oil pressure gauge 11 Generator indicator light, red
4 Blinker control light left, green 12 Control knob for instrument lights (continuous)
5 Red mark on tachometer: Excess speed range of engine, remain there only for a short while, in no case increase revolutions! 13 High beam control light, blue
6 Blinker control light right, green 14 Resetting knob for trip mileage counter
7 Odometer 15 Warning light, red: Air suspension not in position "N" or air pressure of suspension too low
8 Trip mileage counter


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