Door Locks

Operating guide

Main key - has square head - fits all locks on the vehicle.
Extra key - with rounded head - fits only the door locks and ignition lock. Personal belongings may therefore be safely stored in the trunk when leaving the car in an attendant-operated garage or workshop.
The lock number which must be supplied along with the model designation for replacement keys is punched on the delivered key ring.


Door locks

Opening the doors

Exterior: push button in the door handle
Interior: pull handle in the door panel.

Locking and Unlocking
Exterior: turn the key all the way to the stop and then back to center (see illustration).
Interior: push the plunger (1) all the way down to lock, pull up to open. The driver's door can only be locked when closed. For further defails see "central locking system".

Child safety lock (rear doors)
On version "A" push the locking button (A) on the rear door lock toward the center of the vehicle, on version "B", however, push the lock (B) upward by means of the ignition key. The door can then not be opened from the inside after having been closed. However, as long as the plunger (1) is up, the door can be opened from the outside.


Central locking system

The central locking system effects that together with the driver's door also the remaining vehicle doors, the tank cap and the trunk lid are locked or unlocked, respectively. The central locking system functions properly when, by pushing the safety knob of the driver's door all the other door safety knobs move simultaneously. Front passenger door and rear doors of the centrally locked car can also be individually unlocked and locked, the front passenger door additionally with the key from the outside. The centrally unlocked car, on the other hand, can only be locked at the driver's door; in this case, the safety knobs of the other doors cannot be pushed by hand.

The functioning of the child safety lock is not affected by the central locking system.

The central locking system operates with underpressure which is produced by the running engine. When the engine is switched off, the underpressure in the storage tank in engine compartment permits operating the central locking system about 8 times. If after that the doors can no longer be centrally locked, let the engine run for a short while. If there is no underpressure, lock doors individually in the usual way (see above); the tank cap remains unlocked in this case.

Trunk lid

The trunk lock is included in the central locking system. The trunk lid is therefore locked or unlocked, respectively, at the same time when locking the driver's door. On the centrally locked car, it can also be individually unlocked: turn main key toward the left until stop and depress button of lid lock with the key. Then raise lid on its handle, turn key back to its normal position and withdraw. For locking, close lid firmly; it will then be again centrally locked.

The lid can in addition also be locked independent of the central locking system. For this purpose, turn main key clockwise until stop and withdraw. Unlocking is done by turning the main key counterclockwise back to initial position.


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