Transmission selector

MB automatic transmission
The MB automatic transmission consists of a hydraulic clutch and a 4-speed planetary gear. It eases the operation of the vehicle in that no clutching and shifting is necessary. The gear shift lever is replaced by the selector lever which is to be adjusted in accordance with the operating requirements, i.e. driving direction and road conditions.

The transmission is fully automatic and senses the respective forward-drive requirement. In drive position, the shifting of the gears is carried out automatically in relation to the accelerator position:

Hard throttle = late up shifts = maximum acceleration.
Light throttle = early up shifts = average acceleration.

For full performance on hills, passing, or from a dead start, pushing the accelerator all the way down to the kick-down position (beyond full throttle position) will automatically shift the vehicle to the next lower gear and provide the maximum engine performance.

Once the desired speed is reached, letting up on the accelerator will allow the transmission to shift back to a higher gear.

The selector lever makes it possible to handle every traffic situation. It can be set in any of the following six positions depending on need: -P-R-N-4-3-2-.

The individual positions can be read from a scale situated on the selector lever guide.

The adjacent illustration shows the 6 positions. Their functions in detail are:

"N" Neutral - no drive between engine and rear axle. Will not hold the vehicle with brake off. Should never be used while driving. May be used when being towed.
"4" (or "3" or "2") These are all forward speeds. The number indicates the highest gear available in that position. The car can be driven in these gears up to max. permissible speed for the respective selector lever position.
"4" Normal "Drive" position. In most instances, the most ideal position.
"3" For use on the average inclines and declines, mountainous driving. Will not shift higher than 3rd gear, therefore this gear can be used for engine braking - speed may not exceed that shown by the 3 stripes on the speedometer.
"2" Should be used for driving along steep mountain passes, with trailers in the mountains, when driving in convoy with constant starting and stopping, and when driving up steep garage ramps, since in this position 1st gear is also available at starting or low speed.

In number 2 position the speed may not exceed that shown by the 2 stripes on the speedometer.

The selector lever may be moved to any position 4-3-2 at any time while driving, provided the specified speeds for the desired gear are not exceeded.
"R" Reverse gear should only be engaged when the vehicle is at a complete stop. Important note: with the car in reverse gear, the idling engine has no braking effect.
"P" Park - This gear locks the transmission to act as a supplementary brake when parking. It must only engaged when the vehicle is completely stopped.

With the MB automatic transmission, the following hints are also noteworthy:

Convoy driving
In heavy stop-and-go traffic, especially in hot weather, it is recommended to use the number 2 position.

Maneuvering in tight places
By applying the toot brake lightly with the left foot and keeping the right foot on the accelerator, one can maneuver into the desired parking position. Do not pump the accelerator pedal.

To "rock" the car out of holes or snow, one can give light throttle and rock the car back and forwards by moving the lever from "R" to "4".

Towing a trailer
Never allow the engine revolutions to become too low when driving up hills. Shift down to "3" or "2" in time as the transmission oil may otherwise become overheated.


For short stops such as for a red light, leave the selector lever in gear, but keep one foot on the brake to prevent "creeping".

To spare gasoline and prevent overheating of the transmission, never accelerate while the brake is being held on. By the same token, never use the accelerator for holding the vehicle on a hill, e.g. while waiting for a light to change; use your brake.

During a prolonged stop, with engine running, always place the selector lever in neutral or park with the parking brake engaged.

The "first 900 miles" (1,500 km)
Never drive at constant speeds, vary the speeds and engine RPM and shift gears more frequently. Do not allow the engine to labour at low engine RPMs, shift to the next lower gear instead.


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