Ignition switch

Check regularly and before every major trip:

  1. Fuel level
  2. Oil level in the crankcase; use only HD-S 1 engine oils
  3. Oil level in automatic MB transmission
  4. Oil level in MB power steering system
  5. Water level in radiator. Caution when removing cap!
  6. Tire pressure
  7. Brakes, for effectiveness
  8. Lights
Never run the engine in a closed garage, the exhaust gases contain the odorless and invisible but poisonous carbon monoxide.

Before starting, bring selector lever to position "N" or "P" and actuate the parking brake or service brake.

Turn key to position "2" (driving). The red generator warning light should light, otherwise a problem may exist. Turn ignition key to starting position only after a few seconds wait.

With a cold engine, don't operate accelerator pedal right away; when engine begins to fire, accelerate slowly, but release ignition key only when engine fires regularly.

With a lukewarm or warm engine accelerate simultaneously with starting operation.

If engine hasn't fired after approx. 10 seconds, release starter and turn ignition key back to position "1" or "0" - because of the starter repeat lock. After approx. 15 seconds, the starting can be repeated, operating the accelerator simultaneously with starter motor


After firing, accelerate engine moderately for a moment, then take accelerator pedal back slightly.

Do not rev the engine without load above 3000 RPM and do not load before normal oil pressure is reached.

We recommend that you drive off with moderate speed after the engine has fired, since in this way the operating temperatures of the engine are attained in the best way.

Driving off
Move selector lever from "P" or "N" into one of the driving positions after engine is idling, and operate pedal brake to prevent early, unwanted starting (creeping) of vehicle.

It is advisable to have the brake engaged to prevent unintended creeping of the vehicle before you are ready to drive away. Release the brake only when you are prepared to drive accelerating at the same time.

In selector lever position "4" and "3", the vehicle will normally start in 2nd gear. If max. starting speed is the objective, for example, when first in line at a green traffic light, step immediately down on accelerator pedal to floor (kickdown position). The car will then start in 1st gear.

In selector lever position "2", the vehicle always starts in 1st gear. This position is right for starting on steep grades or with a very cold engine.

After a cold start, it will be of advantage to start in position "2" and at reduced throttle.

It is possible that the car may lose some ground clearance during extended parking periods. For this reason align the front wheels to the straight-forward position when parking.

Shutting off engine
Turn key in steering lock position "1" or "0". Pull key out only when the vehicle is stopped.


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