Ventilation Heater - Defroster - Ventilation
Fresh air enters through the scoop in front of the windshield and is cleaned by a filter.
1 Air volume control lever and blower switch;
  to the right stop = air supply shut off
  to the first notch, left = air supply opened, without blower
  to the second notch, left = low blower speed
  to the third notch, left = medium blower speed
  beyond the third notch = full blower speed
  By means of the blower it is possible to vent the vehicle while standing and to heat it - provided that the engine runs at operating temperature.
2 Air distribution lever; right: full air to floor area; left: full air to windows (steplessly).
3 Heater, left side warm; lever in = cold. When heating, lever (1) may not be in closed position.
4 Heater, right side
5 Nozzles for side ventilation (right and left on the dashboard). The direction of the air can be adjusted by the movable flaps inside the nozzles.
6 Lever for additional fresh air; up = closed; down = open.
The fresh air enters the vehicle through nozzles (5) only.
To quickly defrost the windshield and side windows, we suggest directing all available air to the glass areas. Adjust levers (1) and (2) completely to the left. Turn the heater completely on. Adjust the adjustable side vents (5) toward the side windows; lever (6) must be in "up" position. Opening the vent windows allows for a better convection of air.

If the windows are closed, the fresh air entering at the front is circulated and exhausted through the vents at the rear window between the glass and the package shelf. This provides a constant supply of fresh air within the passenger compartment. To prevent the air from becoming stale, be certain that no clothes or objects are placed over the rear vents which will obstruct the opening and prevent the exchange of air. Similarly, be sure to remove any snow blocking the front air scoop.


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