Air suspension, seat and backrest adjustment Lever switch for air suspension
3 positions:
N: Normal level = normal driving position.
Central position: Return flow stopped; air exit from valve unit of air suspension system is cut off. This position is always necessary while the car is being stowed by cranes and during transport.
H: High level = increased ground clearance. This position is provided for rough territory or poor roads; with the lever in this position drive only with moderate speed.

If the lever switch is not in position "N" or the air pressure in the supply tank is too low, a red warning light appears in the instrument cluster provided that the ignition is switched on.


Front seat adjustment

  • Forward and backward adjustment: lift handle (1), slide seat to desired position and release handle.
  • Seat height (driver's seat only): raise lever (2), push seat forward = higher, push seat back = lower; release lever.
  • Back rest angle adjustment; turn handwheel (3) clockwise or counterclockwise for desired angle.
Safety belts
The vehicle is factory-equipped with safety belt mounting points in order to allow safety belt installation at any time by our service workshops.


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