Steering column Combination switch on the steering column
This switch operates the high and low beam, passing light, signal lights, and two-speed windshield wipers.
0 Provided that the light switch has been turned clockwise to number "2" position.
2 Not operable in U.S.A. cars.
3 or 3a right signal light.
4 or 4a left signal light.
5 Pushing and releasing the button engages the windshield wipers.
Toggle switch
in the button:
left (I) = normal
right (II) = fast
wiper speed.

Pushing button again and releasing turns the wipers off.

Windshield washer system
Pushing the button on the floor engages the wipers and washers simultaneously.

Reading light
Operation is controlled by tipping the light itself in any one of three positions.

  Position I: Courtesy light, operates when front doors are opened. A delay switch causes disconnection of the light only some seconds after the driver's door has been shut.
  Position II: Light kept off always.
  Position III: Light kept on always.

Brake warning light (in instrument cluster)
The red warning light is illuminated when:

  • the parking brake is on
  • the brake fluid in the reservoir is below the minimum mark
    (see a MB dealer immediately).
To check if the warning light is operational, pull the parking brake. If the bulb does not light in the instrument cluster, have the system inspected by a MB dealer.


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