Steering lock and Headlight switch Steering lock and ignition switch
0 = Off position: ignition off, steering locked when key is removed.
1 = Garage position: ignition off, steering free with key removed.
2 = Drive: ignition on, steering free, parking lights automatically turned off; not possible to remove key in this position.

Switching on the starter: Turn the key all the way to the right. As long as key is held in this position, the starter is engaged. Should the engine stall, the key will have to be returned to at least the number 1" position before the starter an be engaged again.

Headlight switch (turn and pull switch)

Knob in vertical position = Off.
Knob one notch to the right (clockwise) = Parking lights, tail lights, dash and license plate lights.
Knob two notches to the right = Driving lights - high or low beam (operated by switch in steering column).
Knob pulled and turned one or two notches to the right = Fog lights in addition to the above (disconected in certain states where regulations prohibit use).
Knob turned one notch to the left (counter-clockwise) = Side lights, right side only1.
Knob turned two notches to the left = Left side lights only1.
1 Will only operate when ignition switch is off.


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