Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3

     The Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3
provides a spirited V-8 engine
with fuel injection, developing 300 hp.

     The 8-plunger injection pump
automatically compensates for;
cold start and warm-up,
accelerator pedal position
and engine speed, barometric pressure
and engine cooling water temperature.
Precision fuel metering at any speed.

     The overhead camshafts
provide highly efficient fuel charge delivery
and a very favorable torque range.

     Engine oil cooling
by an air/oil heat exchanger
next to the radiator.
Fan with viscous coupling.

     Forged crankshaft carried
in five multi-layer, steel-backed bearings.
Connecting rods
carded in multi-layered, steel-backed bearings.
Overhead camshafts
driven by a noiseless Duplex chain
with automatic adjustment.

Plastic filter in the gas tank.
Fine-mesh filter at the injection pump.
Air filter with paper element,
air silencer.
Full-flow and by-pass oil filters.

Air suspension with automatic level control

MB automatic transmission
Ventilated disc brakes
on all four wheels
Road clearance
adjustable from the driver's seat

Try it for yourself
Only then will you appreciate
that Mercedes-Benz
gives you something
that has become a rarity -
absolute dedication to quality.

Technical Data          Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3

Number of cylinders
4.06/3.74 ins.
Total displacement
386.3 cu. ins.
Engine output acc. to SAE
300 gr. HP at 4100 rpm
Engine output acc. to DIN 1)
250 net BHP at 4000 rpm
Max. torque acc. To SAE
434 ft. lbs at 3000 rpm
Max. torque acc. To DIN 1)
369 ft. lbs at 2800rpm
Max. engine speed
5250 rpm
Oil capacity crankcase max/mm.
12.7/9.5 US. pts.
Capacity of cooling system
38 US. pts.
Alternator (three-phase)
14 V/55 A
12 V/66 Ah
Max. Speed
approx. 137 mph.
195 VR 14 with tube

Fuel consumption acc. To DIN 70030 2)
15.2 mp US. gal. at 68 mph.
Tank capacity
27.7 US. gal.
incl. Reserve
3.7 US. gal.

Empty weight
3890 lbs.
Trailer load with brakes 3)
2645 lbs.
Trailer load without brake 3)
1655 lbs.

The output given in net BHP/DIN is effectively available at the clutch for driving the vehicle. as any other power consumption has already been deducted. Output data given in gr. HP/SAE include the power required for operating auxiliary units not required to operate the engine.
Technical data acc. To DIN 70020 and 70030.
The weights quoted are maximum weights. By reason of legal stipulations in various countries outside the Federal Republic of Germany
Dimensions vary according to sitting position.
Mercedes-Benz reserves the right to change vehicle specifications and equipment at any time without prior notice.

A Overall height, unloaded
55.9 ins.
B Overall width
71.3 ins.
C Overall length
196.9 ins.
D Wheelbase
112.8 ins.
E Steering wheel - driver's seat backrest 4)
13.4 ins.
F Seat height, unloaded front
37.4 ins.
G Driver's backrest - rear seat backrest 4)
34.3 ins.
H Seat height at rear
33.6 ins.
J Width at center of upholstery front
61 ins.
K Width at shoulder height front
57.7 ins.
L Width at center of upholstery rear
61 ins.
M Width at height rear
57.3 ins.
Track width front
58.66 ins.
Track width rear
58.46 ins.
Trunk space
21.5 cu. ft.

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