Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3

The engineering,
performance, and safety
of tomorrow -
Hallmark of the Mercedes-Benz
"New Generation"
The Mercedes-Benz
300 SEL 6.3,
One of the world's finest
high-performance passenger

     An automobile
for the discriminating driver
accustomed to the finest.
Few automobiles in the world
can offer such luxury
and performance.

     Luxurious accommodations
for five people;
acceleration from 0 to 62 mph
in 6.5 seconds.

     This new,
luxury Grand Touring car
the superlative basic design
of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL
with the engine and transmission
of the Mercedes-Benz 600 -
a new automotive standard.

     Its conservative styling
conceals the fine performance
of this remarkable sedan.
Only when you drive the
Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3
will you discover
new dimensions in motoring
never to be forgotten.

Sports car performance -
the standing quarter mile
in 14.25 seconds,
with final speed of 97 mph -
in a luxurious,
superbly handling family sedan.
     The combination
of comfort and engineering
is unique:
air suspension
with automatic level control,
automatic transmission,
power steering,
power braking system
with brake pressure control,
disc brakes all around,
brake disks
with interior ventilation,
air conditioning,
and much more.

     In dense city traffic
or on the open road,
the Mercedes-Benz
300 SEL 6.3
gives you unmatched control
of any situation.

     When necessary,
its 300 horsepower engine,
precision steering,
and straight-stopping brakes
provide acceleration
and handling
to evade
potential traffic trouble.

     Inside and out,
it looks like any other
Mercedes-Benz passenger car.
Under the hood
and in the numbers
on the trunk lid
lies the difference -
the Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3

     Mercedes-Benz cars
are safe, reliable, comfortable,
fast and lasting in value.
The combination of these qualities
makes Mercedes-Benz cars
the superb vehicles they are.
     Long before safety
became a subject of public interest
it was a matter of great concern
to our engineers.
Through intensive scientific research
and testing they developed concepts
of safety that let you drive
in confidence and security.

     Mercedes-Benz cars
have led the way in safety.
For years we have built cars
with patented body construction.

     And, of course,
environmental safety;
i.e. the driver is kept
as comfortable as possible
so that his reflexes are maintained
at the highest level.

     All these features - and more -
make Mercedes-Benz cars safer.

The front and rear body sections
of every Mercedes-Benz car
are designed to yield on impact
to absorb energy.
The passenger compartment
has strong roof pillars
and is immensely rigid,

     We have designed safety locks
to prevent the doors from opening
in a collision.

     We have designed
a safety steering system
with a large, padded steering wheel hub.
The safety steering system
also incorporates an impact-absorbing device
under the padded hub,
an energy-absorbing steering column,
and the whole steering mechanism
placed well behind the front axle.

That's not all.

     Independent suspension
at all four wheels
ensures superb roadholding
and steering control.

     Dual-circuit power braking system
with brake pressure regulator
and ventilated brake discs on all four wheels.

     Excellent acceleration,
perfect all around vision;
large windows;
an instrument panel which yields on impact;
padded sun visors;
flexible window cranks and control knobs;
firmly anchored seats;
recessed door handles.

     A reliable car
is one which functions perfectly
and operates without trouble
over a long period of time.
     Mercedes-Benz cars
     are reliable.

     Take a look at the chassis.
Even continuous stresses
caused by bad roads
leave a Mercedes-Benz car
free from squeaks and rattles.
You may never notice this quality -
but it will add to the life of your car.
Seats, seat springing and door locks
are subjected to exacting endurance tests.
Every single part is checked
on the test bench and during test drives.
Each test corresponds to 250,000 miles
of rough roads.
After this,
everything must work perfectly.

     Then there is the electrical equipment.
In a Mercedes-Benz
each electrical unit
(headlight, starter-motor,
dashboard lighting, etc.)
is separately grounded.
Not the cheapest way - but the best.

     A further example is the heating system.
This unit was designed
for extreme climates.
It will keep you warm
at arctic temperatures.
     Even the cigarette lighter
must always work properly;
however old the car,
or however heavy a smoker the driver may be.

     All these details are designed
with the same enthusiasm and care
as the engine, axles, suspension
and door panelling etc.
It is the minor details
which demonstrate
just how reliable a Mercedes-Benz really is.

     Comfortable driving
is not enough.
We make fatigue-free travel possible;
we maintain
your reflex capacities for you;
we have created an
anatomically correct sitting position;
we have matched
seating and wheel suspension
to suit all speeds and road conditions.
     Mercedes-Benz cars
     are comfortable.

     The interior is roomy -
you have plenty of space,
freedom of movement and maximum comfort,
you can drive without feeling cramped.

     Ultimate driving comfort
demands exact coordination
of vehicle suspension,
seat springing, and seating position.
To achieve optimum comfort
we designed a tailor-made rear axle
and air suspension front and rear.
Tests showed
that suspension must be neither too soft
nor too hard.

     And even on the roughest roads,
the suspension must absorb
the worst road shocks
before they reach the occupants.

     The driving position
behind the steering wheel
is anatomically correct.
This becomes evident during a long trip.

     Automatic level control
adjusts the body to any loading.
Road clearance
is adjustable from the driver's seat.

     Heating and ventilation
are combined in a unique system
of cool and warm air flow,
which can be adjusted and regulated
progressively over a wide range.

     The grab-handles on the roof
are within easy reach of the passengers.

     The parcel tray
between the two front seats,
the glove compartment,
the pockets in the front doors
and the large, no-slip shelf
all these details
contribute towards comfort.

     Test drive a Mercedes-Benz
and you see what we mean;
fatigue-free comfort.

has long been considered
a desirable quality in a car.
If speed can be easily attained,
it can be a positive safety asset.
Our cars have always been responsive.
Drive a Mercedes-Benz
and see for yourself,
the powerful acceleration,
the effortless cruising speed
and the reliable overtaking ability.
     Mercedes-Benz cars
     are spirited.

     Absolute top speeds are merely theoretical.
They are not designed to be used.
Far more important is acceleration.
For example, it is necessary
to accelerate quickly from 40 mph to 60 mph
in order to pass safely.

     The Mercedes-Benz 6.3 liter engine,
with its high torque
and above-average reserves of power,
shows its quality in the pinch.

     With swift overtaking ability,
you can safely take advantage of gaps
denied to other drivers.

     The chassis can cope with such demands,
indeed, it is capable of far higher speeds.
This makes driving a pleasure.

     Mercedes-Benz cars
do not give the illusion of speed
by producing a lot of loud,
tiring engine and chassis noise.

     On the contrary:
vibrations, road and wind noises,
are hardly noticeable in a Mercedes-Benz.

     This is why driving in a Mercedes-Benz
is so pleasant and fatigue-free.

     A car is lasting in value
if after being used for several years,
it commands a high resale price.
There is a good market
for this type of used car.
     Mercedes-Benz cars
     are lasting in value.

     Fashionable styling
will always attract some prospective buyers.

     But we only change our designs
when the new model
represents a significant step forward
in technical achievement.
There is always quite a time lapse
between the introduction
of one new series of models and the next.

     Forward-looking designs,
high quality materials,
thorough production methods,
careful checks,
repeated tests,
well-planned service:
all these things help to retain the value of our cars.

15% of all our staff
engaged in car production are inspectors.
But they are not alone.
Each of the components has to pass
through innumerable automatic control points
before assembly:

     There are 3,900 Mercedes-Benz service stations
in 164 countries throughout the world
staffed by experienced technicians,
many of whom have been to our factory for training.
They give individual attention
to your Mercedes-Benz car.

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