Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3

Front axles:
Axle support with double wishbones
Rear axle:
Mercedes-Benz single-joint swing axle
Limited slip differential

Mercedes-Benz automatic 4-speed

On front and rear axles:
Air suspension with automatic level control,
two double action
hydraulic shock absorbers,
one anti-roll bar.
Road clearance variable
from driver's seat

Windshield washer,
foot operated, with wiper operation
Windshield wipers, two-speed,
overlapping blade areas
operated by the combination switch
on the steering wheel

     Lighting system
Parking light
Asymmetric low beam (dimmer)
High beam head-lights
Back-up lights
Infinitely variable instrument lighting
Interior lights with door contact and hand switch
Reading light at rear
with switch on instrument panel
Lighting for ashtray, cigarette lighter,
heater panel, glove compartment and trunk
Legroom light

Ventilated disc brakes on all wheels
Dual-circuit power braking system
with brake pressure control
and anti-dive control on rear axle
Parking brake
with additional brake shoes
and brake drums.

Precise, self-adjusting, progressive-action
Mercedes-Benz power steering
Large padded steering wheel hub
Impact absorber under the padded hub
Impact-absorbing steering column
Steering gear
located far behind the front axle.

Floor and frame unit firmly welded to the body
Rigid, torsion-resistant passenger compartment
Energy-absorbing front and rear sections
Optimum vision on all sides
Panoramic safety glass windows
Four doors, easily closed
Rubber strips on both sides
Double bumpers with broad rubber strips

Seating anatomically contoured, firmly anchored,
shaped to give perfect hip support
Seat springing, vehicle suspension
and sitting position carefully coordinated
Front seats adjustable fore and aft,
plus backrest angle
Height of driver's seat adjustable
Reclining seats
Headrests, adjustable, for front seats

Instrument panel padded, yielding on impact
Electric tachometer
Oil pressure gauge
Fuel gauge
Water temperature gauge
Parking brake warning light
Brake circuits warning light
Turnsignal, high beam,
fuel reserve, air suspension,
and alternator warning lights.
Electric clock
Total mileage counter
Trip mileage counter.

     Signalling system
Turn indicator
Hazard warning lights

Safety locks on all doors,
with a child-proof locking system
on the rear doors
Central locking system,
operated by locking the driver's door
Lockable glove compartment
Trunk lid lock
Fuel tank lock
Steering wheel lock
combined with ignition lock,
starter motor and starter non-repeat unit
Master key for the doors
ignition lock, trunk
fuel tank and glove compartment
Second key for doors,
ignition lock and fuel tank only

     Heating and Ventilation
Continuous warm or cold air flow
dust and draft-free
with additional blower for windshield,
front legroom and rear legroom
Air volume and air distribution
for warm and cold air, completely adjustable
Blower coupled with switch lever
Heating separately controlled
for right and left sides of car
Adjustable spherical nozzles
for warm or cold air
right and left of the instrument panel
with wide turning range, infinitely variable
Air conditioning *
Radio Becker "Grand Prix" *
with automatic antenna
Parcel tray between front seats
Pockets on the front doors
Glove compartment
Hat shelf
Rear view mirror adjustable to anti-glare position
Padded sun vizors
Grab handles on roof frame
Clothes hooks on grab handles
Armrests on doors, padded
Foldable armrest between front seats and rear seats
Cigarette lighter
Ashtrays front and rear
Carpeted legroom, front and rear, including tunnel
Electrically operated windows
Genuine leather upholstery*
Tinted glass all around
Whitewall tires*
Electrically operated steel sliding roof
Set of suitcases
Electrically heated rear window

     U.S. Equipment
All cars
imported for registration in the United States
to the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle
Safety Standards
applicable at the time of manufacture

*This normally optional equipment item
is included in the US
and Canadian domestic and tourist delivery prices
when ordered through our North American
Mercedes-Benz dealer organization

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